Portfolio of  original paintings by Antiguan artist Gilly Gobinet

This Portfolio of  original paintings by Antiguan artist Gilly Gobinet is largely inspired by the Caribbean. The beautiful, sunny island of Antigua, where she lives, is never lacking for inspiration. Birds (such as the jewel-like humming birds or the friendly yellow-breasted bananaquits), plants, trees (particularly palms), flowers (hibiscus, bougainvillea), tropical fruit (including the famous Antigua Black pineapple), landscapes and seascapes make up one category.

Her luscious nudes, celebrating the curves of the female nude, make up another.

Dog and cat commissions comprise yet another category in the Portfolio. As an avid dog-lover herself, Gilly’s pet portraits are  painted from high res photos supplied by the owners. They capture the characters of these animals perfectly in watercolor or acrylic.

A fourth category comprises marine art: boats, particularly classic yachts, boatyards, seabirds (particularly the Brown Pelican) and marine life – turtles, seahorses, dolphins, fish, coral, shells etc.

The Portfolio of original paintings also features Gilly’s different painting styles, which vary from figurative to abstract. The two techniques are often combined, both in watercolor and acrylic.  She paints on paper, wood, stretched canvas, canvas panels and board.