Project Description

Yellow Labrador Goldie

Yellow Labrador Goldie had been the faithful companion of his owner for more than 12 years. Requiring the type of medical care not available in Antigua, she made the life-changing decision of moving back to Canada, her home country. Antigua had been her home for nearly 40 years (she was in her late 70s), so she would be saying goodbye to all her friends – and her Yellow Labrador Goldie. Her friends decided to take up a collection for a leaving gift, and this was to be a portrait of dear Goldie. If she couldn’t take her dog to where she was going, then at least she would have a painting of her as a constant reminder.

I was delighted to be asked and requested  suitable photos – difficult, as the painting was to be a surprise so taking photos was sometimes difficult to explain! However, she didn’t suspect anything and I eventually got the photos I needed.

When presented with her gift, the owner was very touched. She also liked the accompanying card I painted, signed by all her friends, which was a watercolor of the view of her garden from the veranda.

Acrylic on canvas panel.

11×14″  28×35.5cm