Project Description

This pale variety of Yellow Labrador – Bubba – was the faithful and adored companion of a good friend of mine – Carrie –  for over eleven years. His sweet-tempered, playful nature made him an ideal pet and he was the source of enormous pleasure over the years, adoring his walks down to the beach and his swims in the clear warm waters of the Caribbean. He sired a number of equally lovely offspring, and his daughter, Chloe, is a constant reminder for my friend of the wonderful years spent in Bubba’s company. My friend has six dogs and numerous cats. The latter loved Bubba, who was always so gentle with them, as Chloe continues to be.

Bubba has been the subject of two other paintings I did for Carrie: the first is a watercolor I painted for her birthday, depicting all six dogs. The second was also a watercolor of the two Yellow Labradors, father & daughter – Bubba and Chloe. Both are shown here on this website.

When Bubba passed on, as became inevitable given his age and infirmity, Carrie’s daughter India thought that the  ideal Christmas present for her Mother would be a small portrait in acrylic of Bubba. (Carries’ walls were nearly full with all the other portraits I had done of her cats and one of Chloe, the other Yellow Labrador, with one of the cats). Carrie had always wanted an acrylic and this really fit the bill.

She called me in tears on Christmas day so tell me how happy she was with the painting, which also  set me off …

Acrylic on canvas panel

11×14″  28×36 cm