Project Description

Tropical fruit

The pineapple is a fine example of tropical fruit which grows in the Caribbean. Antigua has its own sub-species, the Antiguan Black. It’s deliciously sweet & hideously expensive as its cultivation is so expensive on this very dry island. Other much more reasonable  tropical fruit grown here include the seasonal mango, soursop & custard apple. There are also bananas, of course – the regular ones and the smaller, sweeter “finger rolls” as well as the plantains which need cooking to be edible. But Antigua does not grow much tropical fruit unlike, for example, the island of  Dominica, with its rivers and lakes and regular rainfall. It actually supplies Antigua with a lot of its fresh fruit and vegetables.

Drawing and painting tropical fruit is always a pleasure as the subject can be consumed afterwards. The scent of a ripe pineapple is particularly enticing and it is sometimes difficult to finish!

This particular watercolor has a wonderful mistiness and fluidity to it, and the position of the drips  combine to form a very pleasing composition.
Watercolour/Arches Deckle Edges
22×30” 56x76cm