Project Description

Despite living in a hot climate, tea is nonetheless a very refreshing drink. With tropical flowers at tea-time, it is a most enjoyable experience, especially in the company of a humming bird… Many of the islands were British-ruled before becoming independent, so the tradition of tea-time still endures to a certain extent, particularly where ex-pats of the baby-boomer generation are gathered together.

The juxtaposition of the colors of these tropical flowers at tea-time captures the essence of the Caribbean. The atmosphere is vibrant but peaceful, brilliant but also relaxing and laid back – the heat makes sure of that. In Antigua, where I live, not many tropical flowers grow as the climate is very dry and there is no fresh water source. However, color abounds, especially in the different variety of bougainvillea. In these plants, the flowers are tiny and mostly white: the color comes from the bracts surrounding the flowers. Ironically, the drier the weather, the more colorful the bougainvillea becomes and at certain times of day – such as tea-time, when the light is just right – it seems to glow…..

The humming bird picture here is captured in a fleeting moment. These tiny, jewel-like creatures are forever darting about, just pausing to take their fill of nectar from one flower before flying off to the next.

Acrylic on canvas  30×20″ 76x51cm