Project Description

This is a watercolor painting of a stray cat that was chanced upon in a dreadful state by my friend Carrie. The stray cat was just a kitten when it was found, a little dirty black bundle abandoned on the beach, covered in  horrible sticky stuff that turned out to be tar. Carrie took the cat to the vet who managed to remove nearly all the tar from its fur – and the cat was named Tara!  And what a pretty stray cat it turned out to be too, gracing the new, loving home he was lucky enough to be given.

In Antigua there are quite a number of stray cats, but three organisations are trying to deal with the problem as best as they can. The animal shelter, PAAWS, looks after stray dogs and stray cats until they find new owners – sometimes they have to turn animals away, unfortunately. Another, more recent organisation – Cats & Dogs of Antigua – is proactively neutering stray cats and dogs as well as treating them, fostering them and trying the find new homes for them. The Humane Society is the third organisation which does its best in the limited means available to it.

Watercolour 12×16″  30x40cm