Project Description

This seascape developed all on its own: I was just playing with colours and this is what happened. I had thought about adding  a boat on its side, but that didn’t work. Being a dog-lover myself, the dog and its owner suddenly came to mind and it added the perspective needed to complete the composition. And so it became a seascape – a walk on the beach, and I was happy.

We have gorgeous beaches here in Antigua – indeed it is famous for its 365 beaches. Walking on the beach is a popular pastime with locals, particularly in the early morning just before sunrise when the colors can be spectacular. I used to join them when I just had  two small dogs but now that I have five – two of whom are big and rather boisterous – I go elsewhere where I am unlikely to meet anybody. Five dogs are a lot to handle by one person, especially as they are very protective of me!

But a “seascape – a walk on the beach” is a theme which is very dear to my heart and I will be experimenting in different media in other paintings. The colors of the Caribbean sea are quite amazing and of course they change according to the prevailing climatic conditions. The intense blues and turquoises in full sunlight are stunning but the pale ultramarine under a stormy sky is also inspiring.

Acrylic on canvas

11×14″  28×36″