Project Description

Red Hibiscus

This fabulous flower, the red hibiscus, is a national flower of Antigua and appears on its coat of arms. It has great appeal as a subject for an artist – its beautiful form, its vibrant color, and is instantly recognizable as a tropical bloom.

Not as fast growing as the pale orange variety, with the magenta centre, it is nonetheless hardy enough. There are many variations of hibiscus but this is the classic and it can often add that vital accent of color to a painting featuring the tropics – the Caribbean, for example, Antigua in particular.

They don’t last long in a vase, but they grace a dinner table long enough to feast one’s eyes both on the centerpiece as well as the dishes being served. (I have heard it recommended that keeping the blooms in the fridge prior to setting the table makes them last longer, but have never tested this theory myself).
Acrylic on wood
10×20” 25.4×50.8cm