Project Description

Red-haired nude

This red-haired nude was a lovely model who kept  brilliantly still throughout all the 10 and 20 minute poses she did for us. This particular pose  greatly appealed to me and the watercolor sketch I did of it initially worked very well.Although I usually don’t like symmetrical subjects i.e. in the centre of the painting, I thought this one worked exceptionally well. The asymmetry of the background, however, was perfectly balanced and enhanced the skin tones of the red-haired nude beautifully.

A rather limited and muted palette but I was thrilled with the result. And the signature drips are an integral part of the painting, adding to the harmony of the painting as a whole. The curves maybe somewhat angular, but there is an overall softness and femininity to the painting. The face is not visible so there is an air of mystery to thus red-haired nude.

Acrylic on canvas

24×36”  345x61cm