Project Description

Also known as the boatswain bird, the red-billed tropic bird has a wide range of ocean habitats, including the warm Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean. It’s beautiful long white forked tail makes it a very distinctive seabird and, coupled with its red beak, a very attractive one, with the small black markings on the white plumage.

The red-billed tropic bird typically nests in burrows or holes in the ground and in Antigua, these can be found on the appropriately named Bird Island, off the north coast. this is a small, uninhabited island with both beautiful beaches and reefs. The reefs make access difficult but possible and Bird Island is very popular with tourists. The locals also like to camp there at weekends.

The reefs provide a good food source for the red-billed tropicbirds and their nests are to be found right on the almost barren cliff top overlooking the Atlantic and open to the Trade Winds.

Bird Island is also known for its unique indigenous snake, non-venomous and perfectly harmless but very shy, it is not very big and blends in very well with the environment. It is the only species of its kind and as such is protected.

Watercolor 8×10″  20x26cm