Project Description

Red Banana Palm

The paper upon which the red banana palm is painted is beautifully heavy and doesn’t cockle when loaded with water. It doesn’t need stretching. The red banana is a variation on the green variety but is a deep red in color – almost magenta – and the taste is slightly different. They are rarely seen in market places in Antigua and I only became aware of them when a fellow-artist, who lives in the tiny rain forest region of Antigua and grows fruit and flowers in her garden, gave me some.

To look at, red bananas are identical to their yellow counterparts in every respect except for color. The palm itself has streaks of red in it. I have yet to paint a bunch of the dark red bananas themselves simply because they have all been eaten each time we get some and before I have a chance to do so. I love painting the palms leaves themselves, particularly in watercolor , as I can get some lovely drip effects on this particular paper
Watercolour/Arches Deckle Edges
22×30” 56x76cm