Project Description

Poodle Shih-Tzu

Sometimes known as a “Shihtzoodle” or “Shihtz-poo”, this poodle shih-tzu mix Coco is one of my own rescue dogs. It was my neighbor that originally had her as a puppy: a bundle of black curly hair with white markings, incredible energy and a very shrill and irritating bark! I can vouch for this, as I heard her barking every day when she would run out on the road and run the gauntlet of all the dogs in our street. Like she was thumbing her nose at them as she charged up and down “haha I’m free and you’re not!”.

This poodle shah-tzu mix did, however, have the advantage of not shedding its hair everywhere. On the other hand, one of its owners maintained that it shouldn’t be groomed, so the fur grew longer and longer  more tangled and more matted. Being black and in a tropical climate with the hot sun blazing down meant that the poodle shih-tzu was constantly too hot and trying to cool off by jumping in her waterbowl….so she was always thirsty too!

Eventually the owners – an elderly couple – were beset with increasing problems such as illnesses & absences and felt they could no longer look after Coco properly. My husband offered to take her and she has been with us every since. As Coco is very much in love with our head dog Ginger, a ginger Shih-Tzu, the arrangement worked very well – especially as Ginger reciprocated (his grumpy brother, Rum, was less impressed…). Her fur is now regularly groomed and she cannot escape out onto the street.
Acrylic on wood
10×10” 25.4×25.4cm