Project Description

My friends made me a wonderful bouquet of white Plumeria frangipani blossoms for my second wedding, with a few to go in my hair. They are the most beautiful creamy-white flowers with delicate yellow centers, and long-lasting: my bouquet lasted a couple of days. Frangipani is in fact a common name for the Plumeria genus, which is closely related to the Oleander. They grow as shrubs or small tree.  As well as its beautiful flowers, which can also be a deep coral pink, frangipani or Plumeria smell particularly fragrant at night to attract moths which then pollinate them. The word ‘frangipani’ comes from a sixteenth century Italian marquess of the noble eponymous family, who made a perfume from Plumeria flowers. In  Hawaii and in various Pacific islands, they are used to make floral garlands or leis. They also make  excellent table decorations or centerpieces: a mixture of white and pink Plumeria blossoms in a vase can be stunning.

This particular painting has a lot of cool blue shadows which offset with the bright yellow centers of the Plumeria flowers perfectly. The leaves are more abstract in style, with just suggestions of their long tapered form. Plumeria Frangipani is another of my preferred subjects.

Acrylic on canvas

24×36″  61x91cm