Project Description

Pink Island.

And why not a Pink Island? The color just seemed right when I was painting this watercolor, with a small pink accent on one of the palm leaves. This is obviously not a figurative painting and the abstract overtones allow much artistic license. It’s a very delicate piece giving rise to reflection both in the watercolor itself and by the viewer. A tropical landscape and/or seascape for sure for sure, but with an air of mystery. It’s soft and delicate and very easy to live with: not the usual vibrant colors generally associated with the Caribbean or indeed Antigua.

I never know how these pieces are going to turn out as their success depends a lot on the force of gravity on the paint drips as they run down the sheet of paper. This dripping effect is possible because the paper is very heavy and doesn’t cockle (or need stretching) so a fair amount of water can be applied. The deckle edges look stunning when mounted on (rather than under) a color mat board.
Watercolour/Arches Deckle Edges
22×30” 56x76cm