Project Description

The magenta pinks of the bromeliad contrast beautifully with the greens in the variegated leaves in this small but striking acrylic painting. My affinity for the bromeliad family, particularly the pink bromeliad, can be seen in many of my paintings. The flowers seem to last for ages, but when they start to fade, then that is usually thens of that particular rosette of leaves, which only support one flower. Many bromeliads are epiphytic (living on other plant matter, such as tree trunks, but without being parasitic) and require very little watering (a common error – I have inadvertently killed some of these wonderful plans by over-zealously drenching them!). This pink bromeliad is one of my favorites from a family that has the most amazing variety of flowers and leaves in terms of color, shape, size and texture.There are over 3000 different species – with new ones still being discovered. If I only had bromeliads to paint, I do not think I would be lacking in inspiration! Right now I am very attracted to the pink and green combinations found in the pink bromeliad.

Acrylic on canvas

18×18″  46x46cm