Project Description

Pineapple plants are members of the Bromeliad family. The rosette structure of these plants and the great variation in colors and in leaf shape and size have always intrigued me – with the Fibonacci Sequence making its fascinating appearance – particularly , of course, in the fruit of the pineapple plants. The color changes in pineapples themselves are very attractive and the leaves also take on different tones of their own.

This particular painting has surrealistic overtones: in it I play with the drips and create color changes within areas delineated by the drips, which might indicate changes in light or shadow. The abstract features soften the otherwise figurative aspects and add interest  to the pineapple plants.

Antigua has its own species of pineapple plants, called the Black Pineapple – no relation to its color and of an astonishing sweetness. Painting pineapples from life is accompanied by the most delicious scent of this luscious fruit – which can, of course, always be consumed after the painting is complete!

Acrylic on Canvas

48×60″  122x152cm