Project Description

Ladybird was the pet cat of my very dear Californian friend Dee.  She had him for years, together with fellow pet cat Thelonius (nothing to do with the Monk, I discovered – Dee just liked the name!) and her two dogs Scout and Fiver (black mouthed cur/viszla). Ladybird was by far the oldest pet cat and eventually his health started to fail, and despite multiple attempts by the vet, Dee was faced with the horrible inevitability of having to put him down as his life had become just too uncomfortable.

This happened shortly before her birthday and Dee’s husband Ed suggested that I might like to do a portrait of Ladybird as a surprise birthday present as I still had the time and had been lacking in inspiration as to what to give Dee as a birthday gift.

It all worked out perfectly: I sent the painting form Antigua to California by FedEx and ordered a lovely frame to be sent directly to her from Blick Art Supplies in the USA. Both painting and frame arrived at exactly the same time and on her birthday and Dee was delighted with her present: a bitter-sweet gift perhaps, but the framed painting of her pet cat is a lovely reminder of the happy years they spent together.

Acrylic on canvas board 8×10″ 20x26cm