Project Description

Each time I paint palms in blue, the result is different. This is one of the delights of watercolor: you just never know what surprises it has in store. Sometimes these are delightful; at other times, less so and these just need to be gently discarded before going on to the next attempt. Watercolor is very unforgiving and an error is difficult if not impossible to correct.

As this series involves the effect of gravity on the application of paint wet on wet, it is impossible to reproduce, or rather, copy a painting of this kind that is particularly successful. Thus each such painting of palms in blue is completely unique. Each time I do one I hope to get a little better but I do not despair any more if it just doesn’t work. Each one is a fresh challenge and I ask the painting muse for inspiration!

I hope to continue with my palms in blue series for a long time in terms of variations on a theme. In this one, I mute the tones of Ultramarine Blue with just a little of Burnt Sienna in places. I use touches of Pthalo Blue for the intense blue of the Caribbean Sea combined with a little French Ultramarine for the lovely grainy effect.

I mention elsewhere that well chosen framing can really showcase such a painting to perfection. In my blog are examples of how beautifully some of my clients have framed and hung paintings they have bought from me. There is enormous scope for a piece as simple as palms in blue.

Watercolor on Arches acid-free paper 140lb  300gm

12×16″  30x40cm