Project Description

These magnificent tall palms at dawn, with the contrasting pale & dark colors, were the inspiration for this acrylic painting on canvas. The changes in intensity of light and shadow at this time of day make for a very pleasing composition. The long trunks of the palms lend themselves perfectly to my semi-abstract drip technique under the influence of gravity. The end result is almost surreal…

Palms show enormous variation both in physical structure and adaptation: they can live in warm tropical climates or in arid desert regions. They all flower but, again, with tremendous variation of form. Commonly referred to as exotic plants, the single trunk varieties, with leaves bunched together at the top, are those most associated with tropical island paradises.  Coconut palms  are probably the best known palms of all. They are numerous in Antigua but recently, many have unfortunately succumbed to a yellowing disease which has killed off quite a few. Palms originated in the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean islands were colonized by them thanks to coconuts floating all the way there on ocean currents to the Caribbean Sea.

Acrylic on canvas

30×48″   76x122cm