Project Description

Palms at sunset in Antigua

Palms at sunset is a very romantic subject and Antigua is a very romantic island. It’s said to be the number one honeymoon destination in the Caribbean! If you watch enough sunsets over the sea, you should be able to catch a green flash or two. This happens the instant the sun disappears over the horizon, but conditions have to be sufficiently clear for it to happen. It is literally a bright green flash…

If you see it the first time on the first or ground floor, you can then rush up to the floor above and see it all over again!

Palms at sunset on a beach always conjure up immediately visions of a tropical paradise, such as in the Caribbean – in Antigua in particular. The sea sparkles so much from the sun it becomes almost white and the pinks, yellows & greens together give an impression of warmth and joy.
Acrylic on wood
10×20” 25.4×50.8cm