Project Description

This palm fringed beach was inspired by a watercolor I did a couple of years ago. The format of my canvas lent itself perfectly to the subject matter so that I could expand the palm fringed beach whilst using moreorless the same palette as in the watercolor.

Palm fringed beaches are truly typical of the tropics – of the Caribbean. There used to be many more here in Antigua when I first arrived in the 80s. Unfortunately hurricanes and, more recently, two deadly diseases, have destroyed many of the coconut palms. No such palms are currently being imported to replace them until the diseases are under control.

Antigua is particularly well known for its  365 white sandy palm fringed beaches, although many of them have fewer palms than they did 20 years ago. However, under the right conditions, coconuts will sprout and grow into  new palms, although these take a few years to reach maturity.

Coconut palms are not native to the Caribbean and their distribution is pretty much world wide. Their origin is still open to debate, with theories ranging from the Americas, the South Pacific through to the Indian Ocean. Coconuts float and are very hardy so one can imagine them floating to new destinations where the currents take them.

Acrylic on canvas

48×24″  122x61cm