Project Description


I love orchids but am not very good at keeping them going, so I have to paint them when I can. Their flowers are extraordinary and the variation in colors quite amazing. These ones were actually growing on a neighbour’s palm tree trunk, saprophytically, attached in a bag made from soft pieces of dead bark from the palm. The green tones in the background indicate the surrounding undergrowth in muted tones of green, with the accent on the beautiful pinks of these orchids. They are such delicate plants and such a pleasure, each spray of flowers in perfect harmony, a composition in itself.

I think all the orchids we get here in Antigua are imported, as growing conditions are not ideal (the island of Antigua is very dry, with no fresh water source).

I currently have a pot of beautiful white orchids, a gift from a dear friend – a really thoughtful way of helping me through a very sad event – and I am hoping to do credit to them in acrylic and maybe watercolor too.

Acrylic on canvas.
18×18” 45.7×45.7cm