Project Description

Amongst my favorite subjects are orchids and humming birds and this watercolor features both. It attempts to combine the delicacy of both the orchids and the humming birds.The drips and blots are all part of the composition…

Although vast majority of the orchids I see here in Antigua are imported, the humming birds are definitely endemic to the Caribbean or West Indies region. Most commonly seen in Antigua are the Purple Throated Carib, the Green Throated Carib and the Antillean Crested Humming Bird. (In this painting , I have taken a certain amount of artistic license with the colors of both the birds and the flowers whilst remaining true to the form of each.)

Most humming birds are very small and exquisitely colored with highly iridescent plumage. Their movement is very rapid and bee-like, darting here and there, so sometimes it is difficult to spot them, especially when they are in the shade and the iridescence is not visible. Sometimes, when you cannot see them, you can still hear them – a sort of fast, rhythmic purring  – and this is the humming sound that gives them their name. The noise is caused by the very rapid beating of their wings.

They feed on nectar and very small insects they find by gently probing blossoms with their delicate beaks. Their nests are tiny, cup-like structures and they generally lay two very small, white eggs.

I have pictured the humming birds here with orchids as they are amongst my favorite flowers, although I do not seem to be very good at taking care of the latter…

Watercolor on Arches 650gm acid-free deckle-edged paper  22×30″  67x75cm