Project Description

Orange Hibiscus

Somehow the balance between these glorious orange hibiscus and the viridian green and yellow ochre background worked beautifully: I was so pleased with the result. The touch of pink in the lower hibiscus was just right. Together with bougainvillea, hibiscus are among those flowers most closely associated with the tropics in general and the Caribbean in particular. They are the fasted growing of the species found here in Antigua, with the pinks ones being a lot slower and somewhat more delicate than the orange hibiscus.

There are all different types of hybrids available, but the pink, orange & red hibiscus grow in my garden and all I have to do is pick them! They are also quite hardy in general and don’t require constant watering which is probably why they do so well. I depend on rain water to water mine and they have survived periods of 4-5 months of drought.
Acrylic on canvas
18×18” 45.7×45.7cm