Project Description

Nude seated

This painting of a nude seated is based on a watercolor sketch I did of one of the models who came to our life sessions. They weren’t life classes as nobody was teaching us. We were just a group of artists who got together regularly to paint nudes from life.

I adore painting nudes, particularly female nudes, which are more interesting then males – and anyhow, males models are scarcer where we are based here in Antigua. This seated nude was first painted in watercolor as one of a number of 20 minute poses. All my sketches from life are either in watercolor directly onto the paper with no preliminary drawing or, more rarely, in pencil only. If I think a watercolor sketch is particularly successful, as was the case here, I would paint it again in acrylic on canvas in a much larger version.

I particularly like the blend of colors in this painting. It’s quite a muted palette, very peaceful – except for the toss of the head and the swinging hair. The composition works well and all the focus is on the nude seated with the abstract background  setting off the curves. One of my favorites…

Acrylic on canvas

24×36”  34.5x61cm