Project Description

This humble flower Morning Glory is nonetheless a delight to paint and the color range of its blooms, from snow white through pale pink, magenta, cobalt blue to deep purple, allows the palette a lot of scope. Morning Glory was first known in China for its medicinal use  (its seeds have laxative properties) and later developed in Japan as an ornamental flower. The sulphur properties of its juice have been used in the making of rubber in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations and Aztec priests valued it for its hallucinogenic properties. The leaves of certain species of Morning Glory are also used in some varieties of Asian cooking.

Named Morning Glory because they do effectively bloom only in the morning, with the flowers fading as the day progresses, they are hardy plants which are also creepers or vines. The danger is that they grow too prolifically at the expense of nearby less rampant species.

I just love their shape and colors and shall continue to paint them for that reason.

Acrylic on canvas

18×18″  46x46cm