Project Description

Maltese Terrier Shih-Tzu – Oscar & Felix.

These two dear dogs – Maltese Terrier Shih-Tzu crosses – were my neighbors for a number of years. Father and son, they loved running up and down the fence creating a barking frenzy with my five dogs, who were only too delighted to meet the challenge each time! Unfortunately the noise was deafening, so we discouraged this recreational activity where possible……

Their owner had seen other dog portraits I had done and thought it would be nice to have Oscar and Felix painted together. Both were getting on in years – Oscar was 14 and Felix was 12 – so the time was ripe. It turned out to be impossible to photograph the two together as Felix had decided he was terrified of the click of the camera, so would disappear under the bed each time I tried. Oscar was more amenable. In the end I used some older photographs supplied by the owner (before Felix decided that the camera was a dangerous weapon!) and was able to put together a composition that I thought worked. The beautiful fur and the slightly pointed faces of the dogs were typical of the Maltese terrier Shih-Tzu breeds and the slight contrast in the colors of the dogs’ coats was perfect.

The owner was very pleased, as indeed was I. Very sadly, Oscar passed away not long after the painting was completed. Felix followed him a little while later. It takes a long time to recover from the deaths of creatures who were considered members of the family – especially a childless family….
Acrylic on canvas panel
16×12” 40.5×30.5cm –