Project Description

Lurchers are usually greyhounds or whippets crossed with a working dog, such as a collie or terrier. The pictured here – called Blue – is a greyhound crossed with a Merle Collie (“merle” indicating the pattern in a Collie’s coat). He has wall eyes, i.e. one eye is blue and the other brown and was found  wandering the streets of Newcastle (England) seven years ago, very emaciated and very frightened.These days, their desirable traits of speed, loyalty and keen eye-sight often make them popular choices of working dog but unfortunately this also means that many lurchers end up in the wrong kind of hands.  Lurchers are among the top most abused dog in Ireland along with the retired racing greyhound and the Irish collie crosses.  Many lurcher dogs are found in appalling condition, often found starving and malnourished, covered in mange, with other health problems, pregnant and discarded or worse.  Blue was one of the lucky ones….his owner thinks he is about nine years old.

The Apricot Toy Poodle called Austin, the latest in a succession of pre-bred Toy Apricot Poodles owned by the same person.

Both these dogs lived separate if somewhat lonely lives until fairly recently, when their owners met and struck up a friendship which resulted in marriage. It was fortunate that the two dogs also became fast companions to the extent of sharing the same bed too!

This painting was not easy, mainly because the size of the image on my laptop screen was SO small that I couldn’t zoom n without everything becoming horribly pixellated. I am short-sighted and generally wear contact lenses all the time: at the end of  a month, I throw them away and put in a new pair after wearing my glasses for a couple of days. The request to paint the Lurcher and the Apricot Toy Poodle by a mutual friend who wanted to surprise the happy couple, here on holiday in Antigua , came just at a time when I was wearing glasses. In order to see what I was painting, I removed my glasses and put my face about 2 inches from the screen of my laptop, with the paper block resting lightly on the keyboard. This is the result and I am delighted! As were the two owners…a challenge indeed!

Watercolour 8×10″  20x26cm