Project Description

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell terrier, Louie, is a rescue dog, adopted by  friends in England when they returned there from a stay in Antigua. They had already brought back with them another rescue dog, Amber, of no definable breed (the majority of island dogs in Antigua seem to have a black muzzle and a tan/chestnut brown fur in common, with many variations on this theme…). Louie and Amber quickly became close friends and Louie stated getting the exercise a Jack Russell Terrier needs, and Amber was happy to get a new friend as Trouper, the other dog brought back from Antigua, became ill and sadly passed on. My friends had to take the Jack Russell Terrier to special classes as part of the adoption procedure, which they did not find amusing, neither did Louie, but all is now well…
8×6” 20.2×15.2cm