Project Description

Humming birds

These tiny, delightful birds move so quickly that it sometimes difficult to look at humming birds for more than a few seconds at a time. We have two or three species in Antigua: the ones shown here are Purple Throated Carib Humming Birds. I remember once spending 15 minutes barely moving whilst taking photos of one Purple Throated Carib sitting resting on a branch surrounded by different colored crotons. That’s a long time to stay still – both for me and the bird! The results, however, made it all worthwhile….

More common are the crested humming birds. These small creatures often appear black in the shadows until the sun hits their plumage, particularly the crest, and they glow the most stunning viridian green. The effect is like a flash of light, and gone all too quickly, as the humming bird darts away to the next flower. We once had a pair of crested humming birds nesting by our home, and I was able to take some shots of the female sitting on the nest and which formed the subject for another painting – this one in watercolor.
Acrylic on wood
10×20” 25.4×50.8cm