Project Description

I  love the delicious contrast between the orangey-red of the hibiscus flowers and the viridian and acid greens of the foliage in they painting. the addition of the neutral raw sienna adds the necessary balance. This particular color of hibiscus grows the fastest and is the hardiest in Antigua. There are hundreds of different species of hibiscus all over the world, from warm temperate regions to sub-tropical and tropical, like the Caribbean. Their beautiful flowers grace any garden and when they are well established bushes, the profusion of flowers allows for bunches of hibiscus blooms to be picked for table decorations. Ideally they should be picked at the last minute, as they have a tendency to fade quite quickly even if they are in water. (I was recommended to keep the picked hibiscus flowers in the fridge for a little while before putting them into vases as this apparently prolongs the life of the flowers. I have yet to put this to the test!).

In my garden the iridescent humming birds love the orange hibiscus flowers, darting with such amazing rapidity from one bloom to another. The yellow-breasted bananaquits also like to feed from them. The red and pink hibiscus  produce fewer flowers, especially the pink variety, which seems to be more delicate – but the flowers themselves are exquisite.

Acrylic on canvas

24×36″  61x91cm