Project Description

Hibiscus Flowers

This delicate watercolor of hibiscus flowers does justice to these exquisite blooms so typical of Antigua and the Caribbean in particular. The long stigmas and stamens form part of the signature drips found in many of my paintings and here they work particularly well. They are an essential and integral part of the painting. The composition lends itself perfectly to how hibiscus flowers grow on a bush, with the accents on the deep magenta centers of the flowers contrasting with the yellow and red of the stigma, style & stamens. Accents of green  denote the leaves and provide a welcome contrast to the orange-pink of the petals themselves.

Hibiscus flowers do not last long once picked, so time is of the essence. Painting al fresco directly from the bush is the ideal situation, but it not always possible given the heat & strength of the sun and the glare of the reverberation on the white watercolor paper.
12×16” 30.5×40.5cm