Project Description


Heliconia is a typically rain forest flowering plant. They are not prolific in Antigua, which has only a very small area of true rain forest. However, in gardens or grounds that are properly and regularly watered, like the Sandals Resort in Antigua where I run the Art Gallery, they do grow with the right care.

The flowers are actually tiny, and not always visible, protruding or peeping out from the ends of the highly colored, waxy bracts by which the plants recognized. The bracts themselves are fairly robust and long-lasting and as a result are very popular as decorative displays in vases, often with Anthuriums and Bird-of-Paradise. Heliconia is cultivated as an ornamental plant for florists and for landscape gardeners. Heliconia is also known as Lobster-Claw from the curved appearance of the bracts and their often reddish coloring. It also has many different varieties of coloring in the yellow through orange to red range.


Acrylic on canvas

24×36” 61×91.4cm