Project Description

 Good book…

A good book, a glass of wine, a bowl of fruit and a bunch of hibiscus in a tropical garden: the ultimate in peace and quiet! The infinite repose of nature is reflected in this painting and in what better setting to read a good book? I have always loved white cast iron garden furniture and the dappled shadows cast by the light combine to give a perfectly harmonized composition with the signature drips on the far left to include a little mystery (I also like mystery books!). I am partial to red wine, even in the heat of the Caribbean.

The palette is actually quite limited, with the emphasis on color being in the pale orange hibiscus that grow in such abundance here in my garden in Antigua. The deep red accent on the bottles indicates the color of the wine and the muted colors of the fruit blend in perfectly. A touch of pale yellow above is just an indication of the intense tropical heat of the Caribbean: below, the cooler tones indicate how pleasant it is to sit in the shade and enjoy the book and wine in peace…..
Acrylic on canvas
36×24” 91.4×61.4cm