Project Description

This is a watercolour painting of a magnificent German Shepherd Dog, Zeke. It was commissioned by my good friend Carrie as a gift for her good friend, renowned chef James McNair, as a reminder of his wonderful companion who had recently passed away and gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

James told me the story of how he acquired his beloved German Shepherd Dog: “Zeke (Beauregard Ezekiel Valentine) was a gift to me from my late partner. He was a high-spirited puppy who grew into a noble companion. When he was only 9 months old, we drove up from San Francisco to Napa Valley to visit my sister and upon arrival he disappeared into the woods behind her house. During the 10 1/2 weeks that I spent most of that time searching for him, I fell in love with Napa Valley and ended up purchasing a house. As fate would have it, I got the key to my new home on the same day that Zeke was trapped in a vineyard. We spent that night and the next 14 years together!”

German Shepherd Dogs can be boisterous but make the most awesome pets, known for their devotion and loyalty to their owner as well as being highly intelligent.

Watercolor 12×16″ 30x40cm