Project Description

Ralphie is an adorable Fox Terrier and lives in Montreal, where he absolutely loves to romp and play in the snow. As he is the  Wire Haired variety, he doesn’t shed too much – very practical since he spends a lot of his time indoors. Fox Terriers are very active and playful and need a fair amount of exercise but need careful control as they can be impulsive and stubborn. However, they also have a mischievous sense of humour and will take advantage if indulged.

Ralphie is very fond of his owners and misses them when they have to go out and leave him behind. When they do, he adopts his usual position at the window as prime lookout so that he can be the first to see when they come back. Fox Terriers have very keen vision and acute hearing so Ralphie fulfills his watchdog role perfectly.

Small, dynamic and energetic, Fox Terriers make excellent pets – they are sturdy, tough and agile and will play for hours with favourite toys. I am so pleased I was able to capture Ralph in his typical watchdog pose – and his owners were delighted with the painting which was a gift to them from their son and his girlfriend.

Watercolour 12×16″  30x40cm