Project Description

The highly affectionate and quite excitable English Springer Spaniel was originally bred as a hunting dog, to flush out and retrieve game. The term springer comes form the historic hunting role of these dogs which would spring or flush birds up into the air. The typical Springer Spaniel is easy going and playful, eager to please and learn and makes a good family dog. Alert and highly intelligent, the English Springer Spaniel is a wonderful companion and can also be a very successful show dog. It is similar to the English Cocker Spaniel but a little larger.

These dogs are also very gentle, which I think I have brought out in this painting. When they retrieve birds that have been shot down, they are very careful with their teeth in order to bring them back almost unscathed. This is a painting of Cleo, a typical English Springer Spaniel in coloring and attitude: I was lucky enough to receive excellent high res photos from which to paint her portrait. She obediently sat there whilst the shots were taken, which is rare! I know when I try to take a photo of any of my dogs, it’s a signal for them to get up and walk towards me…maybe I don’t train them very well!

Acrylic on canvas panel

12×16″  30x40cm