Project Description

Dogs – Carrie’s Canine Colony

These six dogs are owned by my friend Carrie who also lives in Antigua. The two labradors are father & daughter; the Shih-Tzu belongs to Carrie’s own daughter; the other three are all rescue dogs. The idea to do them all together came from seeing one of Carrie’s photos on Facebook showing the two Labs looking down from the top of the steps. As I was wondering what to giver Carrie for her forthcoming birthday, I thought I might try and do a painting incorporating all six dogs. I retrieved  images  of the other four from Carrie’s various photos  she had posted on Facebook previously. Putting them together was a challenge but the composition worked. I was about to paint in the steps when I realized that simple drips were far more effective, leaving the focus on the dogs themselves.

Well, it was certainly a good surprise! Carrie had tears of joy in her eyes and of course I was also very happy it worked out so well. Carrie claims that I captured the character of each dog exactly, which was a relief.

Since then I have done other paintings of Carrie’s pets shown elsewhere on the website, such as her two labrador dogs together and the portrait of Mrs Kitty


16×12”   40.5×30.5cm