Project Description

This painting shows seven dogs with three cats owned by the same person, ranging from the Labrador and the medium brown rescue dogs to the much smaller chihuahuas and of course, the kitten and two cats. The person who commissioned me to do this painting had seen some of my dogs and cats portraits that I had made into cards for sale in a retail outlet, and came and visited me to ask if I could possibly paint all ten animals belonging to her boyfriend in one picture for his birthday…in 10 days’ time! This was indeed a challenge.

I happened to have a stretched canvas which measured 48×24 inches  (122x60cm) which I thought would be ideal for such a grouping and my client agreed. She then emailed my a number of images of all the dogs and cats, some of which she had to re-take as they were not clear enough or not big enough (i.e. too low res). Eventually I had what I needed and started on this mammoth task which I nonetheless succeeded in  completing in time for my client’s boyfriend’s birthday. I even managed to wrap it for her, albeit in brown paper, but with a couple of ribbon bows, so that the surprise was complete. My client, and especially her boyfriend – were delighted. To paint all ten animals – seven dogs with three cats – on one canvas in a very unusual format was, indeed, an achievement!

Acrylic on canvas 48×24″