Project Description

Dog Portrait – Yula

This dog portrait is of a local Antiguan dog adopted by a couple of very caring owners. The original couple was unable to keep her, so she was taken to live in a house in Mill Reef, which is a very exclusive residential area of Antigua. the main house also has a beach house nearby, and Yula adores running up and down the beach and going into the sea – hence the blue background. The dog portrait was actually commissioned twice: the first, and largest, is this painting of the whole dog. The combination of the feathery tail and white markings give rise to speculation as to Yula’s origins – Russian hunting dogs, for example? Racing dogs? The hind legs are certainly designed to run fast!

Watercolor was the choice of medium for this dog portrait, and lends itself very well to the subject. The second dog portrait of Yula was smaller and of her head only. It was intended as a gift but the owners liked it so much, they kept it!
8×6” 20.2×15.2cm