Project Description

Dog commission

This dog commission of the head only was ordered at the same time as the other watercolor portrait of Antiguan dog Yula of her whole body. The dog lives in a lovely house by the sea in Mill Reef, Antigua.

One of the owners is a professional photographer so it was a joy to receive good quality high res photos, which no distortion,  from which to paint the portrait. As Yula loves the sea, this featured as part of the background as well as matching her collar.

She is a very friendly dog with sympathetic eyes and a high intelligence, which I think comes across in the portrait. The dog commission was given to me thanks to a mutual friend who is also very much a dog person. I had painted a portrait of her five dogs as a surprise birthday present and she was so thrilled and impressed, she started introducing me to her friends and clients with a view to getting me more  dog and cat commissions.
16×12” 40.5×30.5cm