Project Description

Dog and cat – Chloé & JJ.

This dog and cat – Chloé and JJ – are best friends and like nothing more than to cuddle up to each other despite the heat here in Antigua. Chloé is a pure-bred Labrador  and JJ is just your average black and white cat but with a great character. Dog and cat combinations usually work very well if they grow up together. Respect is established and invisible boundaries are created.  Carrie took the original photograph and thought it would make an excellent watercolor painting – which it did!

Owner Carrie recently had some lovely large, round, flat cushions made for the dogs to lie on as an alternative to her bed, where they tend to take up most of the space. Predictably, it was the cats who took over the cushions, curled up in tiny balls in the middle of these lovely big soft beds. The much larger dogs just sighed and sprawled all over the floor…maybe the cushions will eventually turn into combined dog and cat beds. For the moment I think it’s too hot for the dogs to argue!
16×12” 40.5×30.5cm