Project Description


Cordyline is a plant I absolutely love and have painted several times. It grows in my garden in Antigua. It’s the pinks and reds and deep magenta in the leaves that attract me, contrasting with the viridian and sap greens. It also has a grace and splendor in the configuration of its leaves which lend themselves to the guiding of my signature drips which contribute so much to the overall abstract composition. Finding the right colors to match and contrast with the Cordyline seems to be a matter of chance and I think here they are exactly right. Observing how the light falls on these lovely plants determines the focus of the painting. It works very well in acrylic on canvas: sometimes alla prima, sometimes diluted with water  and very liquid, with lots of interesting textures.

I painted it as one of a set of four, together with Thunbergia, Orchids and Allamanda.
Acrylic on canvas
15×30” 45.7×45.7cm