Project Description

Coconut Palms

I had great fun with these Coconut Palms, allowing the diluted acrylic paint to drip down the board and form some amazing patterns and textures. Beyond the Coconut palms is something of a mystery – what’s going on behind them. Maybe a misty sea, steamy tropical vegetation, it’s up to your imagination. The mixture of teal and yellow ochre, with raw umber accents, producing silvery tones and patterns,  works very well. The painting also has a silvery wooden frame with rough grains, setting it off perfectly.

Coconut palms are one of my favorite Caribbean subjects to paint, especially in elongated portrait format, as I can play with the length of the trunks and the drip-like character of the leaves. Their form is one of the most flexible of the palms, which also includes banana palms. The drippy  technique works equally well for Coconut Palms in watercolor or in acrylic. In the latter I often add liquid white acrylic house paint as well as water. In the watercolor versions, of course, water only is the diluting medium.

Acrylic on board

24×36”  61×91.4cm