Project Description

Coconut Palms at Sunrise

This stunning painting of coconut palms at sunrise is inspired by an amazing dawn I saw one day here in Antigua. The colors were spectacular and many people commented about it that day on Facebook. These palms were on a beach facing east, of course, and the sea was sparkling with the reds and yellows and oranges from the sun’s rays.

Sunrise for me is the nicest time of day: it’s peaceful, with just the sound of birdsong, and the dawn of a new day is ripe with possibilities. I walk my five dogs around this time, rarely seeing another soul, so I can contemplate my coming day and what it holds for me. At this time, I feel very close to nature and to the energy that guides my actions, meditating on the possibilities that are dear to my heart. The dogs are ideal companions, doing their thing, yet always checking back to see if I am there. Watching the coconut palms at sunrise is an added bonus. It is such a stunning scene yet so calm and restful. The dogs don’t seem as impressed as I am, but the male dogs appreciate the coconut palms…!

Acrylic on canvas

48×24″ 122x66cm