Project Description

Carriacou sloop Exodus was built on the beach of Carriacou, the largest  island in the Grenada  Grenadines in the Caribbean. This is one of the few remaining places in the Caribbean where men still hand-build, sail, fish and race these beautifully simple and incredibly fast boats, all made from local wood.  Launched in 2013 by builder and owner Alwyn Enoe, he set off with his family to Antigua to race in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta – and to sell Exodus. The mast was an old telegraph pole and the sails were donated by another Carriacou sloop, Genesis.

There are various competitive classes in Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, such as Vintage for boats built before 1945, Classic – built after that date etc and the Traditional Class, to which belong the Carriacou sloops. These nippy little boats are a pleasure to watch and the racing is keen. At the 2013 Classics the speed of Carriacou sloop Exodus was so impressive that she was sold by the end of the first race! The buyer was Philippe Fabre, of the eponymous French-Argentina family, in shipping since the 16th century. He first became interested in Carriacou sloops when his son’s boat, German Frers classic Vagabundo II, was under restoration at Antigua Slipway – right next to Carriacou sloop Genesis, owned by Alexis Andrews. Alexis invited him to the launch of Exodus. Philippe was both enchanted and enamored: the boat was painted in the colors of the Argentinian flag! That and her performance in Race I at the  Antigua Classics, and it was a done deal: Philippe bought her there and then.

Acrylic on canvas panel 12×16″  30x41cm