Project Description

Canine portrait: Stewart, Teddy, Samson & Delilah

This was a difficult portrait to do as I was sent photos of each dog, separately, so I didn’t get a feel for their relative sizes. Also  the photos were taken at angles producing some distortion. Others were just slightly out of focus. However, after I was given the weight of each dog, I managed to work out how they should all look together. Using charcoal on a 12×16″ canvas panel, I sketched the composition and emailed a copy to my friends (they were commissioning this canine portrait as a surprise gift for their Mother/Mother-in-Law, owner of the four dogs). They said it was fine, including the expressions on the dogs’ faces. I went ahead and completed the painting, emailing them again with the final result. They were delighted, and said I had managed to capture the character of each dog perfectly – a joy both to them and to me!

This canine portrait was, in fact, a Christmas present and it seems the owner of the dogs had tears in her eyes when she received it – tears of joy! A few months later Stewart, the eldest (lying down) passed away at the ripe old age of 14, but his memory lives on in this canine portrait.
Acrylic on canvas panel
16×12” 40.5×30.5cm