Project Description

Brown Pelicans

I often see brown pelicans sitting on pilings as I drive around the island of Antigua. They are fascinating creatures and watching them dive for fish is spectacular. Watching them skim over the surface of the water in close formation is also stunning. Apparently certain planes were designed to do this partly from the observation of brown pelicans performing this very feat.

They are quite sociable and are often seen in groups – to which laughing gulls also join when they can. They say that each brown pelican has an angel accompanying it in the form of one of these gulls: cynics suggest that the laughing gulls are lazy and are just after the fish that the more efficient pelicans catch!

They also like perching on boats on anchor. Seeing brown pelicans on such boats, small and large, from afar is most enjoyable. However, the smell left by these fish-feeders is not so pleasant when going aboard on one of these craft.
Acrylic on wood
10×20” 25.4×50.8cm