Project Description

Bromeliads are one of my favorite subjects: I love the basic rosette structure and the incredible variations of colors in the blooms and the leaves. There are over 3000 species of Bromeliads (the Pineapple is a Bromeliad). The leaves can vary from flat and soft to sharp and spiny, from deepest purple-red to palest green and deepest gold-orange. Others may be patterned – spotted or striped or variegated – or just plain. The flowers are more diverse in Bromeliads than in any other plant family.

Bromeliads are tropical so grow fairly well in Antigua, a dry island, and survive accordingly to their ability to trap rain water in their leaf bases. They vary greatly in size and I think they are extremely attractive and also easy to keep as pot plants. I have a potted Bromeliad close to me in my Art Gallery in Sandals Grande Resort, Antigua. where all my paintings are displayed The flowers do not last forever, so I replace the “old” Bromeliad, which retires into my garden at home, with a “new”, flowering one.

I am very pleased with this acrylic painting of Bromeliads because the colors seem to harmonize perfectly and the composition really works.

Acrylic on canvas

48×48″ 122x122cm