Project Description


The colorful bougainvillea are instantly recognizable as tropical plants and are found all over the Caribbean, including Antigua. Probably the fasted growing climber version is the dark red version with the purple one close behind  both pictured here. Other versions of bougainvillea are pink and white, pink, yellow, mauve, red, orange – some climbers, others staying near the ground. The grounds of Sandals Grande Resort and Spa, Antigua, are beautifully landscaped and include different varieties which provide a riot of color (they seem to flower more and better in the ABSENCE of water!). They are carefully tended and regularly pruned to bring out their best qualities. The actual flowers of these spiny bougainvillea climbers, bushes and trees are tiny and white: the color you observe right round them are really leaves!

Bougainvillea needs special attention when it’s young.  When it takes off and is well established, then it’s the trimming and pruning that becomes important. This multicolored acrylic painting of bougainvillea on wood is a lovely example of a plethora of tropical color.

Acrylic on wood
10×20” 25.4×50.8cm